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Forest Carbon Works is provided by ecoPartners, leaders of technical consulting and development services for carbon offset projects throughout the United States and around the world. Forest Carbon Works is specifically set up to let U.S. forest owners quantify and sell the carbon sequestration value of their forests.

Every forest owner with at least ten acres in forested property can participate. The process is straightforward and it doesn’t require any commitment to start!

Earn payments for forest carbon in a few easy steps!

Apply for membership with Forest Carbon Works. There is no upfront commitment and it’s free to create an account.

To become a member of Forest Carbon Works, everyone must follow a few basic steps. The process begins with a simple application, with no obligation to join. After a few additional steps, your forest property can become eligible for crediting and payment as a forest carbon project.

Create a free account with Forest Carbon Works. We guide you through the application process as you submit your property information, some supporting documentation and a non-refundable application fee of $75. Your application typically takes 1-2 weeks to fully process.

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Once your application is approved, we ask you to participate in a free one-day workshop or attend an online seminar. The workshop is usually 3-4 hours and includes lunch. We must have a sufficient number of applicants in your region before we can hold a workshop.

Workshops are held periodically in your state, usually in a metropolitan area. Between ten and twenty participants are required to initiate a workshop. It may be several months before the next workshop is offered in your state.

  • Learn proper techniques and tips for using the Carbon Works App
  • Meet foresters who can help you take measurements
  • Get answers to your questions form the Forest Carbon Works team

Follow the onscreen directions to take a picture

In this step you photograph your trees to determine the amount of carbon stored in your forest. You can usually capture between forty and eighty trees over the course of a weekend or two. It takes about five minutes to photograph each pre-selected tree. Enlist your friends or family to speed through this step!

At the workshop, you learn how to use the Carbon Works App to photograph trees. The app is pre-loaded on a special smartphone that directs where and how to photograph your trees. Forest Carbon Works will loan the smartphone to you free-of-charge. However Forest Carbon Works requires a credit card number in the event that the phone is damaged or lost.

If you prefer a professional to photograph your trees, you can connect with a local forester through the Forestry Services Directory. You can request an estimate for professional services from Forest Carbon Works or a forester listed in the directory.

Online and with the assistance of a Forest Carbon Works analyst, you will schedule a period of time to use the special smartphone. This measurement period can be up to two weeks and is scheduled about two months in advance. We’ll send you the smartphone before your scheduled period and you will return it to us by mail at the end of this of the measurement period. Prior to scheduling, you will be placed on a waiting list.

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After photos are complete, we accurately calculate the value of your annual Forest Carbon Works payment. We present your annual payment as a membership offer. Tree photographs and the payment calculations usually take 1-2 months in total.


If you accept the membership offer and the terms of our agreement, then you may officially enroll as a member of Forest Carbon Works.

There is a $1,250 one-time membership fee. The total fees to enroll are: $75 (application fee) + $1,250 (membership fee) = $1,325. Most members will receive far more than this amount in their first membership payment.

As a benefit of membership, Forest Carbon Works generates all the required documentation to further your forest carbon project. A third party auditor must review and approve this documentation before Forest Carbon Works can start making payments.

The initial agreement is for six years; the agreement may be renewed thereafter.

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Payments are made on an annual basis, the first payment within six months of official approval of the project. Subsequent payments are made thereafter on the 15th of November as long as you adhere to the terms of the agreement. Every year your payment increases as the price appreciates and you earn bonuses for referrals.

There are no annual maintenance fees or renewal fees.

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