Understanding the Application Process

There are four phases to the application process. The entire application process may take between 12 and 18 months from the start of the screening period depending on the date of your application and the number of other participating landowners ahead of you in the development queue. Payment Information Before the initial payment to landowners is paid, we … Continue Reading »

Legal Contracts

This page is a list of legal instruments and forms that require landowners’ signatures. These forms are precompleted and provided to you by Forest Carbon Works as an approved applicant. These forms should not be completed unless directed to do so by Forest Carbon Works after your initial application has been received and approved. Ready … Continue Reading »

Payment Calculator

Calculate your annual payment The starting base payment rate for a member’s forestland reflects a number of considerations. Provide answers to the questions below to calculate an estimate of your annual membership payment as a member of Forest Carbon Works. Estimate annual payments Respond to the five questions below to estimate your annual payments.   … Continue Reading »


This is a listing of terms and entity names that are relevant to the process of getting a Forest Carbon Works membership set up and receiving carbon offset credits. Click on the word in question to see its definition for carbon offset purposes.

Tree Measurement

Curious about the carbon potential of your woodlands? Recruit your family and friends and head off for a memorable weekend in the woods! Once you’re out on your lands, breathing in fresh forest air, the Carbon Works App will give easy step-by-step instructions that allow everyone in your family to take part in measuring forest carbon. As it … Continue Reading »

The Carbon Works App

The Carbon Works App is an intuitive, user-friendly app that makes exploring your forest and measuring its carbon a walk through the woods. Measurements are as easy as taking pictures: if you can use a digital camera and smartphone, then you’re ready to use the Carbon Works App! Pre-loaded on the smartphone, the Carbon Works App … Continue Reading »